2022: Due to Corona restrictions the Annual General Meeting took place with a delay of one and a half years. Deert Rieve resigned as chairman of the board. Henrik Buchenau from Warleberg was elected as the new chairman. The consultants Jürgen Bellerich, Franz Hollmann and Sönke Huesmann officially retired from their consulting activities at GBB.

2021: Handover of the working group from Jürgen Bellerich to Johannes Bokern. The 9th working group is founded with Mr. Tobias Kühlmann as a consultant. Handover of the working group from Sönke Huesmann to Renke Wilhelm Kaper. 

2020: Handover of the working group from Peter Kleingarn to Thorben Stegemann in April. In the summer, Tobias Kühlmann and Renke Kaper start as assistants. In January, the working group is handed over from Hans Hogreve to Daniel Michaelis.

2018: Handover of the biogas working group from Nikolaus Bormann to Dr. Christian Riessen

2016: In the summer, Franz Hollmann’s working group splits into two working groups, which are now headed by Franz Hollmann and Karl-Friedrich v. Bothmer will be advised. In November, Johannes Bokern begins as Jürgen Bellerich’s assistant, Daniel Michaelis as Hans Hogreve’s assistant.

2013: Change of management from Sönke Huesmann to Matthias Mahrenholtz. Hubertus Schulz on Philipp Stubbe in July. In November Karl-Friedrich v. Bothmer as assistant to Franz Hollmann.

2012: Handover of the working group pigs to Gunnar Schuldt.

2010: Establishment of the biogas working group with consultant Nikolaus Bormann and the pig working group with consultant Konrad Wille.

2008: Handing over of the ring from Thomas Tiedemann to Wulf-Hinrich Hagge in March.

2006: Foundation of the 8th working group with the consultant Peter Kleingarn.

2005: Change of management from Klaus von Hippel to Sönke Huesmann.

2004: Resignation of Count Holck as chairman of the board. New chairman Deert Rieve.

2002: Joining of the rings in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania to the advisory ring for agricultural businesses.

2000: Change from Heinrich v.d.Decken to Dr. Hubertus Schulz Foundation of the second working group in Mecklenburg-West Pomerania under Thomas Tiedemann

1996: Change of Dr. Rudolf Haberland on Matthias Mahrenholtz.

1994: Change from Jörg Claussen to Hans Hogreve.

1992: Duke Peter von Oldenburg resigns from the position of CEO. Successor from 1993 Christian Graf Holck, Farve.

1991: Change from Deert Rieve to Jürgen Bellerich. Founding of a working group in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania under Jörg Claussen.1990: Change from Konrad Paetow to Sönke Huesmann.

1989: Fall of the inner-German border.

1986: Change of Dr. Hans Hünersdorf on Heinrich v.d.Decken.

1981: Death Dr. Jürgen Hagedorn.

1980: Death of Duke Peter of Schleswig Holstein. New chairman Peter Duke of Oldenburg.

1979: Foundation of the fifth working group Deert Rieve.

1976: Change of Dr. Jürgen Rademann on Dr. Rudolf Haberland. Change from Helmut Bitter to Franz Hollmann.

1974: Death of dr Peter Schmidtsdorff in plane crash in Nairobi. Dr. Hans Hünersdorf takes over working group 4.

1968: Founding of the fourth working group Dr. Peter Schmidtsdorff.1964: Fritz v.Wissmann succeeded by Dr. Jurgen Rademan.

1962: The third consulting ring is founded, consultant Konrad Paetow.

1961: Death dr Heinz Neumann in a plane crash in Shannon. He was succeeded by Helmut Bitter.

1956: Ring dr Heinz Neumann, Bosau, becomes part of the advisory ring as the second ring.

1953: 1. Chairman: Peter Prince of Schleswig-Holstein, Bienebek.Fritz v. Wissmann succeeds Dr. Willy Glotz.

1949: Dr Willy Glotz follows Heinz Dobert as a consultant.

1948: Heinz Dobert replaces Mr. Müller as a consultant.

1947: Foundation, CEO Dr. Marius Böger, Stendorf. Executive Board Member Dr. Jürgen Hagedorn, Schrevenborn. Advisor Mr. Müller.

Chronicle of the individual rings

Ring 1 

1947 – 1948 Herr Müller (†)

1948 – 1949 Heinz Dobert (†)

1949 – 1953 Dr. Willy Glotz (†)

1953 – 1964 Fritz v. Wissmann (†)

1964 – 1976 Dr. Jürgen Rademann

1976 – 1996 Dr. Rudolf Haberlandseit

1996 Matthias Mahrenholtz  

Ring 2 

1956 – 1961 Dr. Heinz Neumann (†)

1961 – 1976 Helmut Bitter (†)

1976 – 2016 Franz Hollmann  

since 2016 Karl von Bothmer

Ring 3 

1962 – 1990 Konrad Paetow

1990 – 2021 Sönke Huesmann 

since 2021 Renke Wilhelm Kaper

Ring 4 

1968 – 1974 Dr. Peter Schmidtsdorff (†)

1974 – 1986 Dr. Hans Hünersdorf

1986 – 2000 Heinrich von der Decken

2000 – 2013 Dr. Hubertus Schulz

since 2013 Philipp Stubbe 

Ring 5 

1979 – 1991 Deert Rieve

1991 – 2021 Jürgen Bellerich  

since 2021 Johannes Bokern

Ring 6 

1991 – 1994 Jörg Claußen

1994 – 2020 Hans Hogreve  

since 2020 Daniel Michaelis

Ring 7 

2000 – 2008 Thomas Tiedemann

since 2008 Wulf-Hinrich Hagge  

Ring 8 

2006 -2020 Peter Kleingarn  

since 2020 Thorben Stegemann

Arbeitskreis Biogas

2010 – 2018 Nikolaus Bormann

since 2018 Dr. Christian Riessen  

Arbeitskreis Schweinehaltung

2010 – 2012 Konrad Wille

2012 – 2020 Gunnar Schuldt

2021 David Hardt

2022 Start of cooperation with Schweinekontroll- und Beratungsring MV e.V. (SKBR)